Health Testing
We strongly recommend that when you purchase a Mastiff or any breed, research the health issues. Ask for copies of the health testing completed on the parents and request to see the originals. Reputable Mastiffs Breeders or any breeder will show the testing on the parents and possibly copies going back generations. We recommend PennHip and/or OFA's on hips, elbows, patella's should be OFA'd at the very minimum.
The Breeder you choose should supply with you copies of all health testing completed on the parents when picking your puppy along with copies of the pedigree. Be aware that health testing does not always guarantee that your puppy will not develop a problem. The environment the puppy is raised in can have a lasting effect on your puppy. We recommend no jumping, no long walks, no playing or rough housing with older dogs until the puppy is grown. Feed a Premium Adult Food with a protein content not to exceed 26%.
MCOA (Mastiff Club of America) and it's members have worked long and hard to start eradicating PRA from the Breed. They now have a test to find the dominant gene in the dogs they breed. If the parents have not been tested or are not clear of PRA  through parentage, you run the risk of your puppy going blind. Please go the MCOA site and read about PRA, it is a devastating disease. Also, read up on the PennHip and OFA testing. You can access the PennHipp and OFA from our links page.
There is also information on other tests that Mastiff Breeders recommend.

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